Panel Discussion: Emerging Trends in Sustainability, Responsibility & Due Diligence – Unlocking Potential for Businesses in South Asia

Location: Taj President, Mumbai
Time:3:00 pm – 6:00 pm IST
Date:Thursday, 15 September, 2022

The purpose of this panel discussion is to deliberate on the emerging global trends and expectations and assessthe preparedness of South Asian businesses. The Panel will elaborate on the globalshift and focus on human rights and environment impacts in business operations and reflect on ways businesses can enhance competitiveness with respect to ESG indicators and thereby amplify market access and investments

Key Takeways

The highlights of the discussion were as: as:


Business and Human Rights (BHR) to be seen as shared responsibility between buyers and suppliers. The responsibility to clean supply chains cannot be dumped only on the suppliers.


With the UNGPs moving into the second decade, regulations around BHR and due diligence will only increase. Businesses around the globe are beginning to understand this trend.


There is significant thrust on transparency, accountability and non-financial reporting.


There is a need for data oriented approach, especially in the supply chain which heavily comprises the informal sector.


To strengthen sustainability in business operations and supply chains, businesses should clearly define the purpose and actively engage with stakeholders. There is a need to further stress on the 'S' in ESG indicators.


South Asian businesses need to focus on action oriented collaborative approach, including stakeholders, to ensure responsibility and transparency in supply chains.


There is immense scope in peer to peer learning, simplifying and generating awareness/capacity on emerging environment and human rights due diligence trends.


The event concluded with CRB releasing their intention to create Business & Human Rights Network. The Network is yet in the initial stage but will be dedicated for South Asian businesses to understand 

Event Speakers

Chandru Badrinarayan

Founder – New Age ESG & Climate Change

Rijit Sengupta

CEO, Centre for Responsible Business

Vinod Juneja

Vice-President, SAARC Chamber of Commerce

Namit Aggarwal

Social Transformation Lead - World Benchmarking Alliance

Markus Loening

Founder - Human Rights and Responsible Business

Shamodi Nanayakkara

Sustainability Head – Dilmah Tea, Sri Lanka

Event Gallery